Lee Chong Wei Should Be More Aggressive Badminton Player

Published October 20, 2013 by sarawak


To be honest I think Lee Chong Wei is the most skillful badminton player today. But one of his weakness is, he is too laid back on the court and when he play. In order to be the best badminton player in the world I thinks Lee Chong Wei should be more aggressive when he play and he must attack more.

I personally think Lin Dan from China cannot match Lee Chong Wei badminton skill. But Lin Dan can win a match because he is more aggressive badminton player and he keep on attack all the time and he never laid back. I hope Lee Chong Wei can learn from Lin Dan and be more aggressive on the court and no more laid back and he must keep attack the opponents always, because this is the only way Lee Chong Wei can win a big match and become the greatest badminton player of all time.

Don’t give up Lee Chong Wei, you can do this.

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