Got Lay Off And Why You Should Not Blamed Your Employers

Published January 26, 2014 by sarawak



People always blamed their employers when they get layoff or get fired.
But people always forgot the every business is base on profits, and if their business is not making profits they will go bankkrupt and everyone will loose their jobs and not just the few people. So people should not quick to judge that their employers for being harsh or thinking they are not caring about their employees.
People also forgot that this big corporations and businesses is the main source of income for any nations or country because these big corporations and businesses pay a lot of taxes. And from this taxes the government was able to pays for all their government employees including paying the police and the military personals.
So now you understand how heavy the load these big corporations and these businesses carries on their shoulders. So that why I personally think these big corporations should not move their factory oversea because your country need your service. Because this ways these big corporations and businesses can created many jobs for local people and also created income for their country.
Just my two cent…..












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