Laws Makers Must Stop Lawsuits Practice For Easy Money

Published March 3, 2014 by sarawak




Laws makers around the world must stop this crazy trend where people used lawsuit to get easy money from hard working people. Now many people are declared bankrupted and some become homeless because of this lawsuits.
Today lawsuits had become an arts by lawyers and lazy people to get easy money from people who work hard for this money day and night, and suddenly they loss all this money in just one day, because this crock lawyers and lazy people found a loop hole in court.
We must end this lawsuits practice now, because it is out of control.
Don’t get me wrong, example people who suffer from doctors error during operation must get paid because they deserve this money because they suffer from terrible error from the doctors. But lawsuits money must not been given to any cry babies who suing people because they cannot accept any criticism. This people must grow up, because you not a baby any more. Criticism is part of growing up !!!
We must also stop any kind of lawsuits where the victim had to pay a ludicrous a lot of money that they don’t have, this practice is very crazy. And many people had gone bankrupted and become homeless because of this laws demanded them to pay a ludicrous huge amount of money for them to give away in lawsuit. This is crazy and must be stop now !!!
So Laws makers all around the world must fix this loop hole, that this crook lawyers and lazy people are using to get easy money from other people hard earn money !!!
No more lawsuit for easy money to get rich. This practice must stop now…  
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