Why Do Atheists People Like To Abused Other People?

Published March 20, 2014 by sarawak



My questions is why do Atheists people like to abused other people?

From my own experience I had suffer many abused from Atheists people whether in business or when in conversation with them. From my own experience, Atheists have no ability to debate with you in a civil manner, I always suffer abused and name calling in any debate with an Atheist when they don’t agreed with my view.


If you guys don’t believe me, please examine the life of your Atheists friends or any other famous Atheists.

You will understand what I mean, because I also had an Atheist friend who is full of anger all the time, she will always like to curse when ever she talk, she even post on her Social Network how she hope someone she don’t like to die soon or hope they get rape by someone. I just don’t understand why this people can be so evil. I guess that why through history over 100 millions people had died under Atheists rule in North Korea, China, Soviet and Pol Pot in Cambodia. Where in this country all the Church, Synagogue and all the Temple are being destroyed, and all religious people was prosecuted and many we put in prison camp for life. So this clearly proved Atheism had fail, because this people have no sense of feeling guilty after committing crimes and sins because they don’t believe in God, and for Atheists all laws can be broken and no God can punish you. This why Atheism is more dangerous than Islam.


If you still don’t believe me, please examine the life style of your Atheists friends or how famous Atheists behave. But I’m not saying Christian people is also have good behaviours because many do not practice what Jesus had command us to do, that is to “Love Your Neighbor” to “Forgive people Who Hurt You” and “To Treat Other People Just The Way You Want To Be Treated”. But at least the Catholic church had admit they doing wrong things in the past like the Crusade and many other things, and they admit they doing wrong and ask for forgiveness. And even when Christian leader doing sins or abusing people, many Christians and many Church will coming out in solidarity in the public to condemn this leader. But until today no Atheists group willing to speak up against their fellow Atheists in North Korea or in China who committed crime against humanity, or when Atheist abusing religious people. No, I don’t see any Atheists group who willing to come out to condemn their fellow Atheists who committed crime !!!



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