Sarawak Should Build More Sports School In Every City In Sarawak

Published May 26, 2014 by sarawak



In order to be a sports Power House in this regions Sarawak should build more Sports School in every City in Sarawak especially in Kuching, Miri, Sibu, and including in Bintulu, because with the rapid development happening in Bintulu now, soon Bintulu will become a big city.

Sarawak had produce the first female Olympic medal winner for Malaysia from Pandelena Rinong. This proved we Sarawakian people also capable to be a World Champion and win medal in Olympic.

But without Sports School in Sarawak, Sarawakian people will not able to show their talents to the world, so this is very tragic for us.

In the past our Football team was ways ahead compare to Japan and Korea, but now Japan and Korea are the Football power house in this region because they keep improving their sports by creating more Sports Schools in their countries. So Sarawak have a lot catching up to do now !!!

I propose Sarawak to add Pre-School, Primary School and Secondary School in this one Sports Schools. So this ways our students can start their sports training from the ages of 5 years to 17 years old.

I also propose for Sarawak to add all important Olympic sports in our Sports School programs, including sports like Badminton, Football, Swimming, Chess, Snooker Pool, Martial Arts and many more. So this ways Sarawak will able to dominate and win medal in this important sports !!!

Most important Sarawak should hired World Class Coach to train our students, so we can see positive result in the training !!!

Let Start today, because Sarawak have a lot catching up to do now !!!



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