It Time For Sarawak & Malaysia To Abolish Vernacular Schools & Race/Religions Base Political Party !!!

Published September 4, 2015 by sarawak

We Are All Sarawakian


It is a high time for Sarawak & Malaysia to abolish Vernacular Schools & to abolish Race/Religions Base Political Party. Because all this things are only dividing people in this country and making race relation in this country becoming worse and worse everyday. We all have to admit that this country are having a serious race relations.

We all can see what happening in Malaya today where the Malays are only mingle with their own race, and the Chinese are also mingle with their own race. Sadly this trend is also happening now in Sarawak. This is not very healthy thing to see.


Vernacular Schools

-Vernacular Schools is very bad in a multi-cultural country like us. Because Vernacular Schools reminding us the Apartheid in South Africa where White people go to White Schools and Africans go to African Schools. So it time for us in this country to break this Race barrier, and let our children go into one schools where they can mingles with different races and learn their cultures and become friends.

– I have seen the ugly side of Vernacular Schools, where people who never mingle with others race, they tend to become more racist and prejudice. This people tend to believe every racist gossip they hear from their friends about other races. I also remember when I was in primary school I was physically assault by two Chinese boys from a near by Vernacular School whom I never talk to or provoked, but they assault me because of my race ( i don’t blamed this 2 kids because they not mature enough to know what is right and wrong). This is the reason why children should mingle with others kids from different races and different cultures, because children was not born to be a racist, but they are taught by adult and their peer. So it a high time for Sarawak & Malaysia to abolish Vernacular Schools for our future sake and our race relation sake.

– So government should start including Chinese/Mandarin language into the National Schools, so Chinese & including the Native people can all learn the language and learn their cultures.

– I also suggest for Sarawak to used English as our main language in schools, and used English as a unifying language for Sarawak people like in the old day. Plus using English will allowed our people to go and work and study any where in the world, especially in English speaking country like UK, Canada, America, Australia and New Zealand !!!

Race/Religions Base Political Party

– It also a high time for Sarawak & Malaysia to abolish and to reject Race/Religions Base Political Party. Because this is not very healthy in multi-cultural society like this country. This will only creating unhappiness for all the races in this country. So it time for us all from every races in this country to unite and help making our country strong.

– And as a native Sarawakian, I have no problem to see anyone from different race or different religion to be elected as the Head of this country, as long as they are capable and able to prosper our country, so we can have a better future !!!


– Equality is very important, it very important for Government Agency or Private Company/Agency to give a raise or jobs promotion base on individual performance, not base on their race or religion. I remember when I was working in a Private Company I was treated differently because of my race, I remember my Chinese colleagues got paid more than me, even though I’m working harder than him. But the sad truth is, it also very hard for a Chinese to get a promotion or a raise in the Government Agency. At the same time, it also hard for a Bumiputera/Native people to get a promotion or a raise in a Chinese/Private Company. So it time to changes this inequality.

– It also not wrong to help the poor native and give them scholarships to improve their condition. But at the same time, the poor Chinese/Indian and also the Chinese/Indian students who excel in their study should also be help and should be given scholarships too. So this ways our country can produce more and more high educated people who can help our country to prosper and to more forward and to compete in the world stage !!!



We all as a Sarawakian & Malaysia are all responsible for the poor race relation in this country today, so don’t blamed any particular race for our bad race relation. Because we all are responsible for what happening in this country today.

I also challenged everyone to get out from your comfort zone, and go mingle with others races and make friends. You all will be surprise how much you can learn from each others.

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