Japan, South Korea, Australia & All Democratic ASEAN Countries Must Arm Themselves With Nuclear Weapons

Published April 17, 2017 by sarawak

Japan, South Korea, Australia & All Democratic ASEAN Countries Must Arm Themselves With Nuclear Weapons

China continue illegal land grabbing, oppression, aggression and bully toward their neighbors must be stop. In order to protect World Freedom from tyranic Nations, all Democratic ASEAN Countries, Japan, South Korea, Australia and smaller democratic Nations must arms themself with Nuclear Weapons. Only by having Nuclear Weapons this countries can protected the World Freedom from Tyranic Countries from starting a Wars or Stopping this Tyranic Countries from bully their neighbours !!!

We urged Democratic Asians Nations like India & Japan must lead Asia and must protect the Peace & Freedom in Asia. So this ways we become less dependent on outside help from the Western Countries, because this countries are usually very bias toward Asians and Non-White countries since through history.

The World must never forget this Tyrant Atheists Communist Countries had responsible for the death of over 100 Millions people in their own countries, in China alone over 50 Millions Chinese die especially during China Revolutions, where China treated their owned people worsed than animals and thousands years of Cultures & Religions are being wipe out and distroyed by China Atheist Government, as this result Chinese people in China now become lack compassion and lack empaty to their own fellow man, because they no longer have their cultures & religions !!!
And also Pol Pot Atheist Communist Regime in Cambodia had killed around 2 millions of their owned people, just because they believe in God/Religions and for having different opinions.

This is the DANGER of Atheist Communist Nations bring to the World today, because this evil idiology make people lack empaty, unable to accept different opinions and lack compassion toward their fellow man !!!
We must NEVER ALLOW DANGEROUS Tyranic Atheist Communist Nations who are very “Anti-Democracy” & “Anti-Freemdom of Religions” from continue to bully their weaker neighbors, if we want to make the World safe and remain peaceful !!!

The world must learn from WW2.
China artifical islands in the South China Sea is obviously a China military base so they can use the base for their future wars invasion toward their neighbors Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Taiwan & Japan !!!
While the “New Silk Road” in the North connecting China to their neighbors in Central Asia, Iran, Turkey, the Balkan states and Europe will be use by China military so they can mobilize their troops/army faster for their wars invasion agains their neighbors in Central Asia, Iran, Turkey, the Balkan states and European Countries !!!
(China been know doing a lots military excercise transporting their troops in their high speed trains)

The Western Countries must shoulder the blamed for exporting the evil Atheist Communist Ideology to China, North Korea and Cambodia….because now this people turn into souless, cultureless and uncivilized people with no empaty toward their fellow man, and turn them into the “Sick Man of Asia” once again. Even China tourists had become the world most rude tourists and nobody whan tourists form China. Because their thousand years of cultures & religions had been wipe out by Atheism !!!

Only by strenght by arming themself with Nuclear Weapons can Democratic Nations Like Japan, South Korea, Australia and ASEAN Countries can continue to protect the World Freedom & protect their own countries from any bully from any big uncivilised tyrant Nations.

Nuclear Weapons must NOT only exclusively for “WHITE NATIONS ONLY” Or “BIG ECONOMIC POWERS ONLY” !!!

BUT before acquiring the right to own Nuclear Weapons, all Democratic Nations having Nuclear Weapons must all Agreed to the “RULES”, that their Nuclear Weapons are only for “self defense” and “NO First Strike Attack” as for their NO1 rules !!!
And for “No.2 RULE” – all Democratic Countries with Nuclear Weapons must also “protect their political freedom” in their countries, so no Dictators, One Party Only Rule, Communist regime or Military regimes will NOT be allowed to take over their country and then taking over their Nuclear Weapons !!!
(This RULES Must Be Enforce & Protect Strictly)

We all must learn from bloody history of atheist Communist Regimes around the world where more than 100-200 millions people had die. So this is our future of our family & your future generations being treated worse than animals in their DAILY life if our Countries fall & got invaded by this evil regime !!!!

This is the only ways the smaller Democratic Nations can Protect Their Own Nation and Protect The World FREEDOM & DEMOCRACIES from the bigger aggresive uncivilised Regimes from taking over the world !!!



-We Asians become a model citizens today because of our strong Religions & strong Cultures.

-Smaller democratic Nations who obey the international Laws are being held hostage by the aggressive uncivilized Nations who owned  nucklear weapons who are free to break the Laws and oppressed non-nuclear Nations everyday !!!

Reasons why China continue illegal land grabbing and bully his neighbors like, Japan & ASEAN countries because we don’t have nucklear weapons, so it time we get them too.

-We Asians must be proud because all great religions like Christian, Judaism, Buddha, Hindu, Sikh & Shinto all came from Asia.

-We urged India & Japan the 2 biggest Democratic Nations in Asia to Lead & Protect the PEACE and FREEDOM in ASIA, so we depend less on Western Countries, because Western Countries are very bias toward Asians & Non-White since through history.

-From history, the Western Countries come out from the Dark Ages after they embrace Christianity. But sadly now the Western Countries are GOING BACK to Dark Ages again and become souless, lack morality, rude, cold hearted, Anti-Religions and treated animals far better than their own family & fellow human being because now they now become atheist just like China, North Korea & Cambodia.

-We Asians can have pets & should give respect for animals that giving us their meat & protein for thousands of years, but we must never put our pets & animals need above our family & our fellow human being..like what Western People are doing today, where they treated animals far better than their own family and fellow human being.

-We must learn from Japan where they modernize their country and become high tech, but at the same time they continue protect their Religions & Cultures from disappear and wipe out by atheism. Today Japan is the most highly cultural, High Tech and modern country & also the most safe country in the world today with very low crimes.

-We Asians must always protects our Freedom of Religions & our strong Cultures, so less we become souless, uncivilize, uncaring, lack of morality, and become the sick man of Asia like countries in – Atheist Communist China, North Korea & Cambodia who killed and oppressed their own people daily)

-We Asians also must stop following and copy what the Western People do…but we should follow Japan on how they become the most high tech & modern country in the world today, but still maintain and protect their cultures & their freedom of religions from being wipe out by atheism.

Source: https://jesus-is-calling.blogspot.com/2017/01/japan-south-korea-australia-all.html
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