Why Do Atheists People Like To Abused Other People?

Published March 20, 2014 by sarawak



My questions is why do Atheists people like to abused other people?

From my own experience I had suffer many abused from Atheists people whether in business or when in conversation with them. From my own experience, Atheists have no ability to debate with you in a civil manner, I always suffer abused and name calling in any debate with an Atheist when they don’t agreed with my view.


If you guys don’t believe me, please examine the life of your Atheists friends or any other famous Atheists.

You will understand what I mean, because I also had an Atheist friend who is full of anger all the time, she will always like to curse when ever she talk, she even post on her Social Network how she hope someone she don’t like to die soon or hope they get rape by someone. I just don’t understand why this people can be so evil. I guess that why through history over 100 millions people had died under Atheists rule in North Korea, China, Soviet and Pol Pot in Cambodia. Where in this country all the Church, Synagogue and all the Temple are being destroyed, and all religious people was prosecuted and many we put in prison camp for life. So this clearly proved Atheism had fail, because this people have no sense of feeling guilty after committing crimes and sins because they don’t believe in God, and for Atheists all laws can be broken and no God can punish you. This why Atheism is more dangerous than Islam.


If you still don’t believe me, please examine the life style of your Atheists friends or how famous Atheists behave. But I’m not saying Christian people is also have good behaviours because many do not practice what Jesus had command us to do, that is to “Love Your Neighbor” to “Forgive people Who Hurt You” and “To Treat Other People Just The Way You Want To Be Treated”. But at least the Catholic church had admit they doing wrong things in the past like the Crusade and many other things, and they admit they doing wrong and ask for forgiveness. And even when Christian leader doing sins or abusing people, many Christians and many Church will coming out in solidarity in the public to condemn this leader. But until today no Atheists group willing to speak up against their fellow Atheists in North Korea or in China who committed crime against humanity, or when Atheist abusing religious people. No, I don’t see any Atheists group who willing to come out to condemn their fellow Atheists who committed crime !!!




Here Some Evidence Proved Why Evolution Theory Is Flawed

Published March 8, 2014 by sarawak



Atheists believe in Evolution, and believe we are coming from the dust of the sky, and from a single cell we evolve into human and animals. If Atheists are so confident in Evolution is true, so please explain to us how a single cell can evolve into a female human and a male human at the same time? And if Evolution can answers that, please tell us which was created first, it it female or male?
Atheists need a lot of faith to believe in Evolution because they still cannot explain how Evolution can turn a single cell into a female human and a male human at the same time, to make sure our species able to live and produce it self and make babies so we able to continue to preserve our race on this earth. This included how a single cell can evolve into all animals that have female and male gender.
Only the Bible was able to provided this answers in Genesis, about how God created Adam first and after that He created Eve, and that is how human starting to make babies and that how we grow.
We already have a logical answers in the Bible. But the Atheists still want to continue to believe in their unscientific Evolution theory that believe that all living things in this earth are coming from the dust of the sky, and from a single cell we evolve into human male and human female at the same time, that is simply too ridiculous. Atheists need more faith to believe in this crazy theories.
Creationism and Evolution should be taught side by side in schools, because everybody should be able to share their theories because we live in a free country and because we are not living in China or North Korea where Atheists continues to oppressed other people view. Sadly this is what are happening in America today.
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Laws Makers Must Stop Lawsuits Practice For Easy Money

Published March 3, 2014 by sarawak




Laws makers around the world must stop this crazy trend where people used lawsuit to get easy money from hard working people. Now many people are declared bankrupted and some become homeless because of this lawsuits.
Today lawsuits had become an arts by lawyers and lazy people to get easy money from people who work hard for this money day and night, and suddenly they loss all this money in just one day, because this crock lawyers and lazy people found a loop hole in court.
We must end this lawsuits practice now, because it is out of control.
Don’t get me wrong, example people who suffer from doctors error during operation must get paid because they deserve this money because they suffer from terrible error from the doctors. But lawsuits money must not been given to any cry babies who suing people because they cannot accept any criticism. This people must grow up, because you not a baby any more. Criticism is part of growing up !!!
We must also stop any kind of lawsuits where the victim had to pay a ludicrous a lot of money that they don’t have, this practice is very crazy. And many people had gone bankrupted and become homeless because of this laws demanded them to pay a ludicrous huge amount of money for them to give away in lawsuit. This is crazy and must be stop now !!!
So Laws makers all around the world must fix this loop hole, that this crook lawyers and lazy people are using to get easy money from other people hard earn money !!!
No more lawsuit for easy money to get rich. This practice must stop now…  

Why Whales & Dolphins Killing Themselves On The Beach

Published February 24, 2014 by sarawak


There are many theories why dolphins and whales kill themselves on the beach.
But for my own theory and research, I say they killed themselves because dolphins and whales are very emotional creature. They are very emotional because they are very smart, intelligence and very loving creatures. So most likely they killed themselves because one of their member had died or sick, so this cause them to give up living and commit suicide.
We have seen some animals in the past where some animal become crazy and out of control after they loss their baby or their family member. Example we have many case of elephants become berserk and attacking a village after their baby died. And elephants also cry when their baby died, this proved this animal are very emotional animal too, and this also proved they are out of control when their family members died.
So for me, it is their “emotion” that the biggest cause why this creature kill themselves. Hope more research will be done in future to examine the emotion of this intelligent and this loving creatures.   

Supernatural Will Be Back For Season 10

Published February 13, 2014 by sarawak


For Supernatural fans, it is a great news, it is now official that Supernatural will be back for season 10. Supernatural is still going strong and will enter its 10th season next year, at which point it will celebrate its 200th episode early in the year.

Misha Collins and Jared Padalecki also tweet to their fans to announce that Supernatural will be back for season 10. For many Supernatural fans this will be a great news because Supernatural is one of the best show on tv today.

Fans will be looking forward for more actions from this two brothers to hunt for demons, ghosts and eating pie in the new season 🙂





How Much Iodine Is Save To Take?

Published February 9, 2014 by sarawak



Too much of the good things can be bad too.
That old data about the amount of iodine intake by the Japanese is not completely true (13.8 mg daily).
Even if the Japanese eat their whole meal just from seaweeds and seafoods everyday, they still not getting that high amount of iodine. So listen to The American Thyroid Association (ATA) about their Warning and their recommendation about iodine supplement, and noted that ingesting more than 1,100 mcg of iodine per day (the tolerable upper limit) may cause thyroid dysfunction. So my advice is be moderate and be save, because you cannot repair the damage after it happen.
REMEMBER, every vitamins, minerals and drugs have their own bad side effects if we take them in high amount. So you might not receive any benefits if you take iodine supplements in high amount. I also see many patients sharing their horror story on the web about their health getting worse after taking high amount of iodine, in some cases the damage had been done is irresistible and cannot be cure. So please be careful and be moderate in everything you take inside your body.
You only need high amount of iodine only in this situation:
1. You might only need high dose iodine supplements in the event of a nuclear disaster.
2. You might need high dose iodine when suffer from cancer because iodine supplements can help fight cancer.
– NOTE, you only take this high amount of iodine for short term only to avoid from the long term side affects.
– NOTE, please inform your doctor before taking high amount of iodine.

How much iodine do I need?

The amount of iodine you need each day depends on your age. Average daily recommended amounts are listed below in micrograms (mcg). Below Is The Daily Recommendation Intake For Iodine:
Life Stage  Recommended Amount
Birth to 6 months 110 mcg
Infants 7–12 months 130 mcg
Children 1–8 years 90 mcg
Children 9–13 years 120 mcg
Teens 14–18 years 150 mcg
Adults 150 mcg
Pregnant teens and women 220 mcg
Breastfeeding teens and women 290 mcg
Safe Upper Limits For Iodine:
The safe upper limits for iodine are listed below. These levels do not apply to people who are taking iodine for medical reasons under the care of a doctor.
Life Stage Upper Safe Limit
Birth to 12 months: Not established
Children 1–3 years: 200 mcg
Children 4–8 years: 300 mcg
Children 9–13 years: 600 mcg
Teens 14–18 years: 900 mcg
Adults: 1,100 mcg

What happens if I don’t get enough iodine?

Iodine deficiency is uncommon in the United States and Canada. People who don’t get enough iodine cannot make sufficient amounts of thyroid hormone. This can cause many problems. In pregnant women, severe iodine deficiency can permanently harm the fetus by causing stunted growth, mental retardation, and delayed sexual development. Less severe iodine deficiency can cause lower-than-average IQ in infants and children and decrease adults’ ability to work and think clearly. Goiter, an enlarged thyroid gland, is often the first visible sign of iodine deficiency.

What are some effects of iodine on health?

Scientists are studying iodine to understand how it affects health. Here are some examples of what this research has shown.
Fetal and infant development
Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding need to get enough iodine for their babies to grow and develop properly. Breastfed infants get iodine from breast milk. However, the iodine content of breast milk depends on how much iodine the mother gets.
To make adequate amounts of iodine available for proper fetal and infant development, several national and international groups recommend that pregnant and breastfeeding women and infants take iodine supplements. In the United States and Canada, the American Thyroid Association recommends that pregnant and breastfeeding women take prenatal vitamin/mineral supplements containing iodine (150 mcg/day). However, only about half the prenatal multivitamins sold in the United States contain iodine.
Cognitive function during childhood
Severe iodine deficiency during childhood has harmful effects on the development of the brain and nervous system. The effects of mild iodine deficiency during childhood are more difficult to measure, but mild iodine deficiency might cause subtle problems with neurological development.
Giving iodine supplements to children with mild iodine deficiency improves their reasoning abilities and overall cognitive function. In children living in iodine-deficient areas, iodine supplements seem to improve both physical and mental development. More study is needed to fully understand the effects of mild iodine deficiency and of iodine supplements on cognitive function.
Fibrocystic breast disease
Although not harmful, fibrocystic breast disease causes lumpy, painful breasts. It mainly affects women of reproductive age but can also occur during menopause. Very high doses of iodine supplements might reduce the pain and other symptoms of fibrocystic breast disease, but more study is necessary to confirm this. Check with your health care provider before taking iodine for this condition, especially because iodine can be unsafe at high doses.
Radiation-induced thyroid cancer
Nuclear accidents can release radioactive iodine into the environment, increasing the risk of thyroid cancer in people who are exposed to the radioactive iodine, especially children. People with iodine deficiency who are exposed to radioactive iodine are especially at risk of developing thyroid cancer. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved potassium iodide as a thyroid-blocking agent to reduce the risk of thyroid cancer in radiation emergencies.

Can iodine be harmful?

Yes, if you get too much. Getting high levels of iodine can cause some of the same symptoms as iodine deficiency, including goiter (an enlarged thyroid gland). High iodine intakes can also cause thyroid gland inflammation and thyroid cancer. Getting a very large dose of iodine (several grams, for example) can cause burning of the mouth, throat, and stomach; fever; stomach pain; nausea; vomiting; diarrhea; weak pulse; and coma.
Source Are Take From:
1.Source one (iodine benefits & daily save amount intake for iodine): http://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/Iodine-QuickFacts
2. Source two (come from my own research on many website about iodine & reviews from patients who buy iodine supplements)

Fish Oil Can Increase Brain Size & Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Published January 29, 2014 by sarawak

Study: Fish oil can increase brain size

January 28, 2014

NEW YORK: Eating more fish can give you a bigger brain and also protect against diseases such as Alzheimer’s, a new study has claimed.

People with higher levels of the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil may have larger brain volumes in old age equivalent to preserving one to two years of brain health, according to the study.

Shrinking brain volume is a sign of Alzheimer’s disease as well as normal ageing, researchers said. For the study, the levels of omega-3 fatty acids in red blood cells were tested in 1,111 women who were part of the Women’s Health Initiative Memory Study.

Eight years later, when the women were an average age of 78, MRI scans were taken to measure their brain volume.

Those with higher levels of omega-3s had larger total brain volumes eight years later. Those with twice as high levels of fatty acids (7.5 vs 3.4 per cent) had a 0.7 per cent larger brain volume.

“These higher levels of fatty acids can be achieved through diet and the use of supplements, and the results suggest that the effect on brain volume is the equivalent of delaying the normal loss of brain cells that comes with ageing by one to two years,” said study author James V Pottala, from the University of South Dakota in Sioux Falls.

Those with higher levels of omega-3s also had a 2.7 per cent larger volume in the hippocampus area of the brain, which plays an important role in memory.

In Alzheimer’s disease, the hippocampus begins to atrophy even before symptoms appear. The study was published in Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.